What do i eat?

  • I try to keep most of my meals simple, healthy & delicious!

  • I'll often consume the same or very similar foods everyday which often consist of high quantities of meat, vegetables, fruit and porridge.

  • Regular meals often include a combination chicken, salmon, eggs, chopped tomatoes & frozen vegetables

  • Foods of less nutritional density are kept to a minimum when training.

  • However, I absolutely love a good pizza as a treat with pepperoni being one of my favourite flavours.

  • After an intense period of training/races, I will often indulge with plenty of tasty food I wouldn't usually have for around two weeks.


fuelling my running

  • I'm lucky to be supported by Kendal Mint Co & "MyBreakfastBox" as an official ambassador for both.

  • I often consume Kendal Mint Co gels before a long run or a hard session

  • Similarly I will enjoy porridge, granola or muesli from MyBreakfastBox often before I run​

  • A personal favourite of mine is to mix MBB porridge with Kendal Mint Co protein powder alongside fruit. Delicious and nutritious!

  • You can get 10% off Kendal Mint Co products using the code "runningtoeatmore10"

  • You can use code "HARRY_MBB" to get 50% off your first subscription box with MyBreakfastBox


refuelling after running

  • I've learnt that consuming a quick energy source after a run is crucial to the recovery process​ allowing me to be ready for the next one!

  • I'll often do this through consuming fruit often combined with porridge

  • Sometimes i'll even take an energy gel or an energy drink if it is an extremely tough session/run

  • Protein is hugely important for anyone in the recovery process, especially as an athlete/runner.

  • I consume a lot of protein through animal products such as meat, eggs & milk as well as regualrly consuming protein powder from Kendal Mint Co