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Updated: Apr 30

I recently had a Virtual Gait Analysis conducted by Prehab USA. Read about my experience as well as why it is so important for any runner no matter what ability you may be!

If you haven't seen a video of yourself running, I highly recommend you capture one. I was shocked how different I looked when running compared to how I thought I ran. Arms going from side to side, over striding and regular hip collapses were a few of my many flaws. Of course, it's great to know about these flaws and how they can hinder our running e.g. arms swinging from side to side may decrease running efficiency in comparison to arms going forward. However, these issues can be rarely be addressed through a simple "change in thinking" during a run e.g. "I must move my arms in a forwards motion". The solution is often more complex and instead, it's important to diagnose first of all, "WHY am I doing this?" whether it is a hip collapse, arm swinging, over-striding or anything else. The answer is often much more surprising than you'd think. I recently discovered my poor ability to squat was due to a lack of range of motion in my ankle area which I was completely unaware of! It is brilliant working out WHY you are doing these things contributing to less efficient and potentially dangerous running in the the long-term but you also need to know HOW to address them. The team at Prehab are incredibly good at what they do offering a medical grade analysis of your gait. I was blown away by the amount of detail given to me after sending in my videos for analysis. I was clearly told where my weaknesses lie in full detail both in written and video form as well as being given a full plan going forward full of specific exercises and drills to help me out. Within a few weeks, I am already noticing changes to my running form and efficiency and general flexibility which is awesome. The benefits are clear and I've already set a new PB of 2:59 in the 1000m so great signs going forward!

I have not encountered any other business that offers this amount of detail in regards to your running gait. It's a quick and easy process to capture some videos and the team at Prehab will do the rest! They clearly take their work take it to another level and it is very clear why they work alongside the USATF!

You can find the full list of benefits from a virtual Gait Analysis with Prehab below:

  • Video gait analysis, interpretation, and full written report of findings and recommendations by our experts in gait analysis

  • 1 virtual Prehab specific video conference session to discuss the current state of your past or current injury

  • In dept review of any concerns about any propensity for injury and strategies for prevention

  • 1 additional video conference to review your gait report and implement gait corrections needed for injury prevention based on YOUR identified impairments

  • Customised exercise strategies and drills

Code "HARRY10" can get you 10% off your Anlaysis with Prehab using the link below:

If you have any further questions about my experiences with Prehab please contact me on instagram @harrylancaster or via email

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