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 gait analysis

 After experiencing one myself, of which I have discussed in depth in my most recent blog, it is clear to me how crucial and beneficial the "Prehab Gait Analysis" is for a runner of any ability.


After getting a thorough assessment from the team at Prehab, which can be completed virtually, you will receive a comprehensive video assessment, written report along with customised exercise strategies and drills going forward all aimed at helping you become a better runner through improved mechanics whilst also decreasing injury risk.


Furthermore, you will have 1 virtual Prehab Specific video conference session discussing your current or past injury concerns as well as an additional video conference to review your gait report, and implement the necessary steps moving forward (literally!). The list of benefits are not limited to the aforementioned and be found using the link below:

If you are remotely serious about running, I can't recommend this analysis enough from industry experts who work alongside the USATF amongst other elite athletes:

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Prehab warm-up

This is the signature Prehab Warm-up developed by Dr. Alex Gometz designed to prevent injuries. I try to do this routine before every run to prepare myself for the run to follow and minimise my chance of developing an injury. Demonstrated by Karli Conzo below