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  • Monthly Personal Training Plan via Training Peaks specific to your goals & training paces

  • Consistent Email & WhatsApp support

  • Opportunity to set up progress calls

  • Accountability

  • Regular Review of Progress

What Will You Get?

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Instagram -  @harrylancaster 

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Everyone lives a different lifestyle and has various everyday demands and stresses. With each individualised plan, Harry puts this at the forefront of the construction process, through working closely with each runner involved. With 24/7 WhatsApp support, any queries, questions or worries can be addressed by Harry ASAP. The chance for call consultations to take place throughout the month offer the chance for further guidance and support when needed. Nutrition, strength & conditioning, recovery methods and many more areas can be discussed during these conversations alongside any running-specific queries that may be of interest.

Alongside personalised training plans and 24/7 accountability, Harry provides a distinctly positive and motivational approach to coaching

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Perhaps you would prefer some less formal advice or coaching and would like to discuss through a call certain topics including, but not limited to: 

  • Nutrition

  • Rest & recovery strategies

  • Fuelling for racing

  • Fuelling for training

  • Refuelling after training/racing

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Injury Prevention

  • Choosing correct footwear

  • Stretching

  • Enhancing running enjoyment

  • Tips for staying motivated

  • Technology e.g. watches/apps

  • Key types of training


1 hour

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