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"Can I be coached if I don't live in the UK?" - Yes! As all of the coaching is carried out online, you can work with myself wherever you live

"Can I get a discount if I pay in bulk when training for a specific event?" - Yes! Just let me know when you enquire regarding coaching that this is what you're looking for and we can reach an agreement

"What distances do you coach?" - I coach every distance from 5k up to ultramarathons

I'm not looking for coaching but would like a plan/personalised plan. Is this possible? - Yes, you can choose from a variety of plans I have created or ask for a personalised one by following this link

I'm happy with my training and plan but would like some general advice/guidance - I offer consultation calls where we can discuss a variety of topics including nutrition, types of sessions, periodisation, footwear and anything else you'd like to discuss!

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